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Professional Master Culinary Education Programme

Educational Subjects

►Professional Master Culinary Education Syllabus ;
► Personal Care, Sanitation, HACCP in Food and Beverage Services, Considerations in Kitchen
► Nutritional Elements 1-2, Food Groups, Cost Planning
► Vegetables, Chopping Methods, Fonds
►Business Administration (installation, purchasing, costs, project design, accounting processes)
►Leadership and Presentation Skills
►Menu Planning, Kitchen Coordination and Evaluations
►World Culinary Cultures
►Term Exams – 1, 2, 3
►Molecular Gastronomy
►Professional Culinary English
►Professional Culinary French
►Term Projects – 1
►Basic Soups, Special Soups from the World Cuisine
►Eggs, Breakfast and Bruch Preparation Techniques and Presentations
►Meat, (Chicken Meat), Garnishes and Sauces
►Meat, (Beef and Lamb), Garnishes and Sauces
►Rices and Legumes
►Term Exams – 1
►Handmade Italian Pastas and Sauces
► Meats (Meatballs), Garnishes and Sauces
►Fish, Seafood, Garnishes and Sauces
►Far East and Asian Cuisine Applications
►Vegan and Vegetarian Cuisine Applications
►Salad and Salad Dressings
►Term Exams – 2
►Types of Appetizers
►Molecular Gastronomy Applications
►Olive Oil Varieties
►Basic Desserts and Pastry Applications
►Bread Types, Doughs and Pizzas
►Sandwiches, Canapes and Garde Manger
►Term Exams – 3
►A New Chef: Signature Food and Team Management Exams

Documents Required for Registration

  • 4 Passport Holders
  • Original and photocopy of identity card
  • Photocopy of the last graduated school’s diploma or student certificate
  • Criminal record (Can be obtained from E-Government)
  • Stool culture, nose and throat culture, chest X-ray report, HIV, Hepatitis B and C test results
  • Health report
  • Residence (Can be obtained from E-Government)
  • Long Term Professional Cookery Completion Certificate

Educational Content

The Professional Master Culinary Education Program is given by experienced instructor chefs who have worked in hotels, yachts and restaurants for many years in our comprehensive and equipped professional kitchen workshop.

In order for our students to grow up in the best possible way, our trainings are carried out as an intensive program, both theoretical and practical.
Our students who participate in our professional culinary training graduate with the qualifications and equipment that can directly adapt to the sector. The Professional Master Culinary Education Program accepts re-applications each year.

Who Can Participate in This Program;

Long Term Cookery Graduate in Our School
English Proficiency at minimum B2 level and successful in our language exams
Persons approved by their chiefs for the previous program they graduated from can participate.


The total education period consists of 4 terms and 2 years. Our semester program is 510 hours and our entire training program is 2040 hours.


All of our students who want to work at the end of the education are employed directly in the corporate enterprises that we have contracted with, as in our other program.


At the end of the training, students who are successful in the theoretical and practical exams are given a Hygiene Certificate and an internationally recognized Ministry of National Education Vocational 2040 hour NQF5 diploma.


Students who want to attend our school’s education from outside of Ankara can stay at our school with special prices in the institutions we have contracted with.


For our students who want to do internship abroad, we are offered the opportunity to work for 12 months in different states of America. Our students who graduated from the Golden Chef Culinary Academy Professional Master Culinary Education Program Course can work between $16 – $20 per hour in restaurants, hotels, resorts, and yachts with the American Employment Program. For our students who want to participate in the program, all processes such as work permit, visa, interview are followed by our institution.


To register, you can fill out the application form by clicking the button below, you can visit our school by calling our phone number 0312 230 25 00 and making an appointment for a registration interview. Our school is open 7 days a week from 09:00 to 18:00.

Tuition Fees

The Professional Master Culinary Education Program Fees;

2023 – 2024 Tuition Fee: 345.000 Turkish Liras.

The specified fees include domestic internship, employment orientation, all educational materials, uniforms, and the student will pay the late fee in installment payments.


Advance Payment ;

Our students, who pay all of their tuition fees to their credit card as a single payment or by eft/transfer, benefit from discounted cash payments.

Education Credit;

Depending on the student’s credit score, loans can be extended from the banks with which our school has a contract, with different interest rates and maturity numbers.